Promote your music in rideshare vehicles
Reach new listeners and fans as they travel

Earn While You Drive

Get Your Music
Heard By New Audiences

Rideshare drivers play your music during their trips. Today’s passenger, tomorrow’s fan

Gain Valuable Music
Insights And Feedback

Promote your music better with in-depth
reactionary data and analytics

Connect With Brand
Partnership Opportunities

We connect artists with brands looking to drive engagement — on and off the road


How Does Steereo Work?

Most artists will never be able to get their music played on the radio. We provide emerging and undiscovered artists the opportunity to be heard. Reach new audiences as they ride with Uber, Lyft and other rideshare services. It’s that simple.

Whether you’re an independent artist or on a label, Steereo helps you gain new listeners and fans on the go. It’s the power of radio combined with the music discovery experience.

Promoting Your Music On Steereo Is Easy

Sign up for a Steereo account and submit music for review

Upon approval, music gets added to a Steereo playlist

Drivers download Steereo and play music for their passengers

Artists receive exposure and performance analytics


Our Listeners

Our audience are captive for an average of 15 minutes as they travel to and from their destinations. An ideal setting for an audience eager to discover new music.


Some Of Our Top Artists

ZØYA - “When Fire Melts"

Top Neighborhood:
Chelsea, Manhattan, New York
Music Was Best Received:
On Friday after 5pm
Total Plays:

Young Lyxx - "Get That Check (Skrt)"

Top Neighborhood:
Lower East Side New York City (Manhattan)
Music Was Best Received:
On Sunday after 5pm
Total Plays:

Mario Jose - “Hercules”

Top Neighborhood:
Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York
Music Was Best Received:
On Friday after 7pm
Total Plays:


Our Community

Play At Live Events

Perform at LIVE events including Steereo Session Live, a music event series that showcases top Steereo artists to tech, music and entertainment insiders.

Collaborate On Brand Partnerships

Gain exposure through branded campaign including influencer marketing, product placement, social media integration and event activations.

Submit Your Music For Ad Placement

Submit your music for ad sync placement opportunities in film, television, video games, advertising, and more.


Artist Manager

Steereo is a monthly subscription of


As a Steereo Artist Manager you get:

  • Artist management accounts are free
    and allow up to 10 artists and unlimited songs
  • Performance Analytics

*Song(s) are distributed across remnant inventory with no specific play guarantees.


Steereo is a monthly subscription of

$12.99$- /mo

As a Steereo Artist you get:

  • Subscription includes monthly bonus boosts
  • Access to opportunities, preferred rates and
    unlimited songs
  • Performance Analytics


Share your music. Turn on your Steereo.