Earn pay and perks for sharing new music with your passengers

Earn PayAnd Perks For Playing New Music

Steereo rewards you for helping emerging artists gain new listeners and fans

SupplementYour Income

Earn extra money for what you do
naturally — play music for your passengers

EnhanceYour Lifestyle

Unlock lifestyle rewards like gas, coffee food and concert tickets. The more you play, the more you win

Your Passengers, Our Audience

Your passengers are a captive audience for an average of 15 minutes as they travel to and from their destinations. An ideal setting for music discovery.

How Does Steereo Work?

Steereo is the world's first music discovery network for rideshare drivers. Earn pay and perks for sharing new music with your passengers. In result, they discover music as they ride. Everyone wins.

Here’s a great example, think about it like a DJ. Drivers who play Steeeo are like DJs, and can help independent artists get their music heard. Today’s passenger is tomorrow’s fan.

You can play Steereo while driving for any rideshare company.

Becoming A Steereo Driver Is Easy

Download the Steereo app and create a driver account

Choose a playlist and play music as you drive your passengers around town

Earn pay and perks — just for playing music

How Much Can I Earn?

Use the calculator below to estimate how much you can earn as a Steereo driver.

Simply enter the amount of hours you drive on average to get started.



It pays to play. Turn on your Steereo.